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Homes 4,000-6,000 sqft. Lawns and Landscapes

Our organic pest control treatments are for the perimeter of your home and lawn. We have had good success with perimeter treatments of the house, lawn treatments that do not harm beneficial insects, and using household vinegar or #E17E27 oil to clean baseboards, floors and counter tops inside the house to repel insects. The free bottle of Nature’s Guide “Home Pest Control” can be used inside the home or outside on potted plants. Everything we use is organic and 100% safe for your children, family, and pets.

Beneficial Nematodes - Plus Option - You can add a beneficial nematode treatment twice a year (spring and fall) to kill fire ants, grubs and termites. Nematodes are unsegmented roundworms. Most are not visible to the naked eye. They can be found practically everywhere on the planet in all different types of soil. Over 25,000 different strains have been cataloged. Different strains of beneficial nematodes are raised commercially for their ability to control insects safely and biologically. The strain of nematodes we use to treat your lawn are nature’s biological way to kill and control fire ants, fleas, white grubs, and soil borne termites. Beneficial nematode treatments are regularly $120 per treatment for regular size lawns.

1. Bronze Package - For our Bronze Package, you will receive a perimeter treatment once every 3 months. Our perimeter treatment includes spraying all the weep holes, the house foundation, and around all doors and windows. We also spray 3 feet up the side of the house and 5 feet out from the house to give a solid perimeter of defense around your home.

Annual payment of $289. Regularly $360 or $90 per perimeter treatment.

2. Bronze Plus Package - $480 annual payment, regularly $600. Includes 2 beneficial nematode treatments for Lawn & Landscape and quarterly home perimeter treatment.

3. Silver Package - The Silver Package will gives you a home perimeter treatment every other month ( 6 treatments). For our Silver package we treat the perimeter of your home every other month or 6 times a year.

Annual payment of $430. Regularly $540 or $90 per perimeter treatment.

4. Silver Plus Package - $624 annual payment. Includes spring and fall beneficial nematode treatments for Lawn & Landscape and every other month (6) Home Perimeter treatments.

5. Gold Package - The Gold Package includes 6 perimeter treatments plus 3 lawn treatments (April, June & August). For the lawn we use a granular organic product that repels ants, fleas, chiggers, flies and gnats for 30 45 days in dry weather.

Annual payment of $696. Regularly $870 or $90 per perimeter treatment and $110 per lawn treatment.

6. Gold Plus Package - $888 annual payment. Includes spring and fall beneficial nematode treatments, 3 Lawn & Landscape treatments, and 6 Home Perimeter treatments.

7. Platinum Package - $1,168 annual payment. regularly $1,460. Recommended for families that have swimming pools, outdoor living spaces or live next to creeks or common areas that have standing water. Includes 4 home perimeter treatments, 6 lawn and mosquito treatments, and 2 beneficial nematode treatments.

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