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Spriggs Brothers Organics has been providing natural lawn care and landscape solutions to Dallas/Ft Worth since 2000. We have been 100% chemical free since day 1, and we remain convinced that organic methods are the best way to achieve a healthy lawn and landscape.


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Why Choose Us

Over the past few years, landscape companies have begun adding Organic Fertilization to their list of "Jack of All Trade" services. While we are glad that the organic message is spreading across the nation, organic lawn care is much more than just spreading a bit of organic product around a yard. There is the knowledge, wisdom and philosophy of always complementing the laws of nature that we have mastered over the last 15 plus years.
We do not use any bio solids or urea in any of our products.
You will not have to worry about contamination of your precious lawn. We will not accidentally transfer chemicals onto your lawn via our tools because we ONLY do organic. We see this type of contamination happen quite often with other companies who are trying to offer up both kinds of services.
Organic fertilizers will not burn your lawn in 95 plus degree heat like synthetic chemical fertilizers, therefore you do not have to immediately water in after an application. This is a big plus when you are on water restricted days or want to simply conserve water for the sake of the environment. Additionally, organically treated lawns require less watering over time than chemically treated lawns require.
We have been organically treating lawns in the great state of Texas for over 15 years now. Our years of experience and knowledge comes from working first hand with North Texas lawns. In contrast to a national franchise whose headquarters could be 1,000 miles away. You get personal service from the founders and owners of Spriggs Brothers Organic Landscape.

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