Spriggs Brothers

Organic Landscape & Lighting

Spriggs Brothers Organic Landscape & Lighting has been in business since March of 2000. Currently, we are members in good standing with the Dallas/North Texas Better Business Bureau and the Texas Nursery and Landscape Association. We are also members of Howard Garrett’ Organic Dirt Doctor Crew. In 2000, we began as an organic company. To this day, we remain 100% committed to organics as a better, safer, and healthier way to fertilize your lawn and garden.

Our company motto is, “At Spriggs Brothers, our goal is your satisfaction!”. This is also our way of stating the Golden Rule. We want to treat your lawn like we would want someone to treat our lawn.

We strive to always provide quick and responsive customer service. The exception to this being communications received on Sundays. We will return phone calls the day that they are received. If it's really late or Sunday, then it will be the very first opportunity we have to do so on the following business day.

One of the greatest joys of our business is getting to talk with our inquisitive customers. We enjoy answering the many questions that they often have about true organic lawn care and landscaping. In addition to this communication, we provide our customers with continual information via our newsletter. Our periodic “Natural Green Newsletter” is about organic landscaping & other services that we provide.