How Your Lawn Can Survive the Drought

The last three summers have played havoc on our lawns. We have experienced moderate to severe drought conditions and our lawns have had to compete for adequate moisture. Add to the fact that the last three summers rank as the hottest North Texas temperatures in over a decade, and you can understand why it is important to give your lawn added attention and nutrients this spring as we approach another "drought like" season.

If you were to build a new lawn and build it right, you would prep the ground with a thick layer of rich soil and organic soil amendments before you laid down your grass. That's exactly how golf courses and professional ball parks are designed. Unfortunately, our residential lawns received very little or no soil preparation before the sod was thrown down over the clay and rock that we call "dirt". Sometimes sod is just thrown down over the builder's debris. In addition to the lack of soil preparation, our dirt in North Texas contains minimal organic or nutritional matter.

Your lawn will greatly benefit from a topdressing. It is the best solution to help your lawn survive water restrictions and the drought. Topdressing will green up your lawn and reduce lawn diseases, thatch, and the amount of water and fertilizer your lawn normally requires.

10 Benefits of Topdressing Your Lawn

  1. Providing Nutrients - Perhaps the primary and most openly recognized benefit from topdressing is the provision of nutrients. Composts will contain a range of both macronutrients (e.g., Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium) and micronutrients (e.g., Manganese, Boron, Zinc, and Copper) largely in an organic form. These nutrients are released slowly as the organic matter decays. Unlike conventional inorganic fertilizers, the nutrients in topdressing are not highly water soluble and therefore are not washed away during a heavy rainfall or irrigation. us one of the benefits of using topdressing is how it provides nutrients in a slow-release form.
  2. Increasing Organic Matter - Organic matter in the soil is a critical parameter for obtaining good turf growth. Increasing organic matter through compost can provide numerous benefits. For example, soil organic matter provides increased cation exchange and thus allows for nutrients to be held and released in an efficient manner.

    Although the best time to add organic amendments such as compost is prior to planting, with topdressing the organic matter is added without tilling or turning over the soil. us topdressing turf areas allows the soil to be improved without removing or tearing up the lawn.
  3. Improving Soil Structure - Improvements to soil structure obtained from the addition of organic matter have been linked to a wide variety of benefits. North Texas lawns with high clay contents benefit with improved soil structure reduced surface crusting, and reduced compaction yielding better drainage.
  4. Reducing Irrigation - Improved soil structure and increased levels of soil organic matter can lead directly to reducing the need to irrigate turf areas. By increasing the amount of organic matter in soil, the ability of the soil to hold water is increased. In addition, the improved ability of turf areas to allow water to infiltrate into the soil results in less water running off following rain events. The addition of topdressing to your lawn will improve the ability of your lawn to store and absorb water.
  5. Reducing Thatch - Topdressing promotes the growth of active microorganisms that decompose the thatch layer.
  6. Improving Surface Irregularities - One of the earliest recognized values obtained from topdressing golf greens was the creation of a smooth and level surface. While topdressing's main purpose is not lawn leveling, it will help level out minor or shallow dips and 7. Adding Benecial Microbes- Composts can support large and diverse populations of microorganisms. Research has shown that certain microbes can play an important role in inhibiting plant pathogens and suppressing various turf diseases.
  7. Reducing Weather Damage - Topdressing is like a thermal mulch to your lawn. Your lawn's root system will be protected from the cold freezing temperatures and will also be protected from the extreme summer heat.
  8. Reduces Weeds - Another of the benefits that has been documented from topdressing is the reduction of weeds. This effect appears to be directly related to improvements in the density of grass providing a competitive advantage over the weeds.
  9. Improved Ground Water - The use of organic nutrients that are contained in topdressing has been shown to effectively reduce potential nutrient losses that may be associated with conventional synthetic fertilizers. One of the most dangerous side effects of water soluble synthetic chemical fertilizers is the nitrogen and phosphorous run o into our creeks, rivers and lakes.

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