Triple Threat Organic Fertilizer

The perfect summer fertilizer, our 7-2-4 “Triple Threat” feeds your lawn 3 ways: 1) provides organic nutrients, minerals and trace minerals 2) introduces billions of microbes into your soil to help break down organic matter, and 3) provides enzymes which aid in plant growth. 80 lbs to treat lawns up to 4,000 square feet. Regular price – $100. Summer Special Price – $80.*

Lawn Core Aeration

Alleviate soil compaction, build a healthy root system and a thicker lawn. Treats lawns 4,000 to 5,000 square feet. Regular price $120. Summer Special Price – $300.*

Aeration and Organic Fertilizer

Lawn Aeration and 80 lbs of our 7-2-4 “Triple Threat” Organic Fertilizer. Treats lawns 4,000 to 5,000 square feet. Regular price $220. Summer Special Price – $169.*

Lawn Revitalizer

Revive your lawn and give it a boost this summer with our Lawn Revitalizer which includes Lawn Aeration, 80 lbs of our 7-2-4 Triple Threat Fertilizer, 88 lbs of Azomite Re-mineralizer & 40 lbs of Humate with 70% Humic Acid. Treats lawns 4,000 to 5,000 square feet. Regular price – $425. Summer Special Price – $300.*

Organic Lawn Topdressing Package

Give your lawn an extreme makeover with our Organic Lawn Topdressing Package. This package includes a double core lawn aeration, a lawn topdressing of organic compost enriched with premium soil amendments like lava sand, zeolite, dry molasses and more. Our Organic Lawn Topdressing Package is perfect for diseased or unhealthy lawns, or for lawns that simply need a quick boost. We can custom create a package for you based on your lawn’s needs, with add-ons such as: Lawn Disease Treatments, Soil Re-mineralization, Sick Tree Treatments, etc. Give us a call today for a lawn consultation and quote! Summer Special – 10% Off.

Tree and Landscape Rejuvenation

We apply a mixture of Organic Compost, Lava Sand, Texas Greensand, Azomite Re-mineralizer, Humate, Dried Molasses, Zeolite, Earthworm Castings & Mulch to beds, landscapes and root zones of trees and shrubs. Recommended to be done annually. Summer Special – 20% Off.

Mosquito Knockout

Spriggs Brothers has teamed up with one of the areas most noted experts in mosquito control, Mosquito Steve. Mosquito Steve has over two decades of mosquito control on residential lawns in North Texas. Our Organic Mosquito Knockout treatment ensures that you will take the BITE out of Mosquitos and Chiggers in your outdoor environment for continued enjoyment & safety. We recommend a treatment every 21 days for complete protection from mosquitos. Treats outdoor spaces up to 4,000 sq ft. Regular price for single treatment – $120. Summer Special Price – $99. 4 Treatment Special – $375.*

*Larger lawns priced differently based on the amount of product used and services rendered.

Call us to schedule a special today (800) 955-9362 or send us an email at info@spriggsbrothers.com.