Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Our company is dedicated to providing you with a beautiful Holiday display, as well as taking all of the burden out of shopping for the necessary materials, installing lights, and removing the lights after the holiday season. We will remove all of the lights and materials that have been used for your display, and carefully put them in storage bins for next year.
There are several factors that contribute to the estimated price of a job. These factors include the complexity of the display, electrical constraints, and of course the length of time necessary to complete the job. We take our time on each and every job, and pride ourselves in providing you with the most professional displays in North Texas.
Our qualified installers are trained to take all the necessary measures to prevent any problems with your lights. However, if you do have a problem with your display, we have full time service technicians to correct the problem as soon as possible.
We want to work with you as best as is possible. From past experience, we cannot guarantee your lights. We will work with you to incorporate your yard displays, wreaths, garland, etc. If you have your own house lights, you will be responsible to make sure they are in working order and that they are untangled.There is always extra expenses for connectors, extension cords, clips, replacement bulbs, etc. Our labor costs are usually more when we use your lights, because we have to spend time figuring where everything goes. Our commercial lights are guaranteed for two years. We guarantee our wiring for 10 seasons because we use 16 and 18 SPT2 gauge wiring. Most of our competitors use 20 gauge or 18 gauge SPT1 wiring. Store bought lights are 22 and 20 gage. What this means to you is the electrical safety of your home and a better quality display. Again, we want to provide you with an enjoyable, hassle free holiday display. We can only achieve this by providing our quality commercial wiring and lighting that will provide you many years of enjoyment.
Yes, we carry full insurance including liability and coverage for our employees.
There are many reasons why you should chose us for your decorating needs. The top two are experience and customer service. With our experience comes reliability, knowledge, service, and a very high level or quality that is hard for anyone to match. Our customer service is second to none. You can rest assured that every effort is being made to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.